About this Translation

Text in italics is used to show where the translators have added extra sentences to help people understand the meaning of the text. With all translations it is difficult to transfer the true meaning from one culture to another. Some people may question why extra sentences should be added at all. The answer is: that the truest form of translation is when the reader understands the meaning of the writer, rather than just knowing word matches in their own language.

Words in bold have an extended definition in color of that word nearby. For example, in verse 1:3 this language has a word for “a being made of thought, that has no body”. English words like ghost, god, or spirit, aren’t quite close enough to the original meaning, so we have had to add the full definition to the text.

to reveal a more accurate translation, that might however be more difficult to understand.
to reveal a raw translation of every individual word.
to reveal the original avestan text.
Clicking or tapping on any of the numbers (1 / 1) will reveal the full dictionary definition for the referenced word.

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